Read what others are saying about Unlocking the Headache Mystery, Essential Keys to Reclaim Your Vibrant Life:

“Elizabeth is a superb companion and guide.  Join her on a journey to freedom from headaches.

David Buchholz, MD, Author, Heal Your Headache: The 1-2-3 Program for Taking Charge of Your Pain

Anyone can read this book and realize their own ability to heal; how healing comes in many forms and guises but mostly from within.  Ms. Phelps writes in beautiful prose filled with imagery and color.  A healing journey for everyone, not just headache sufferers and migraineurs.

—Elise Treff Gordon, MD, Family Medicine with Sports Medicine CAQ; United States Navy (retired)

I learned more from reading this wonderful book than from any other source. In Unlocking the Headache Mystery Elizabeth Phelps demonstrates in her own unique way and with passion and encyclopedic knowledge from her life experiences, how to prevent and deal with headaches in practical healing ways. This is a well written, comprehensive guide and an invaluable reference for the layperson, therapist and those interested in knowing more about headaches.

—Robert R. Maldonado, PhD, author of The Calling of the Heart, A Journey in Self-Healing, Flying with My Higher Self, The Impact of the Universal Energies

Elizabeth Phelps is not only a fine writer, she is a kind of headache whisperer with a gift for making these miseries disappear. Once a headache sufferer herself, she explored the subject through a combination of research, trial, error, study, and experience, and the result is this helpful and highly engaging book that almost anybody will find useful. In these pages Elizabeth helps us tame the beast and keep it more permanently at bay.

—Frye Gaillard, Writer-in-Residence, University of South Alabama, award-winning author of A Hard Rain

Unlocking the Headache Mystery is a must-read for anyone who struggles with headaches, and even more, anyone who struggles with any health issue. For those who are still relying heavily on traditional Western medicine, Elizabeth Phelps compassionately shows them the way out, illuminating science and telling her journey with authority and honesty. This book is a help to many—not just those suffering from headaches.

—Patrice Lively, Massage Therapist, Special Needs Pain Specialist

Here is a book to nourish the soul as it gives guidance to freeing one’s life from debilitating headaches. In Unlocking the Headache Mystery Elizabeth Phelps shares her journey, physically and spiritually through her wisdom and beauty of expression. It is told in a way that introduces the reader to valuable practices, tips, and techniques that provide a solid place to begin healing.

—Carol Anne Brown, MSSW, Mental Health Counselor

COVID is a word that will live with each of us – every human being on this planet at this time – and will affect our health, as well as our interest in health-related issues like headaches. In this book, Liz Phelps has compiled and strung together with her artistic air, all the key issues around headaches and their relief in a world being co-rocked by pandemic and a collapsed economy. Headaches may be one of the most pervasive maladies being exacerbated in this imploding environment. As a trained Thespian and Teacher, Liz’s clear-spoken Testament breathes Hope into the world. I urge the reader to get familiar with this book because you will see its chapters play out in your every day.

—Brunie Emmanuel, Behavioral Health Consultant, The Uni-Vision Group

As stated in Unlocking the Headache Mystery, ‘Every creature arrives on Earth bearing elaborate gifts.’ The first time Elizabeth healed my headache with her hands and words, I knew she possessed a gift from God. If you are a headache sufferer, you need this book. This detailed, thorough, intelligible book is the culmination of painstaking research, a personal journey of courage and perseverance, and a gift to those who want to live a life free of headaches.

—Jennifer Glover, Communications Director, Photographer

What a delightful way of learning not just about headaches, but about life and the consequences of the many health choices we make. Written in a way that everyone can relate to, it is a fun read. When Elizabeth drew the pulsing headache out of my body, I was left awestruck.  It wasn’t that I didn’t believe it could happen, but that it actually did happen. There is no better way to learn than from one who has actually had the experience, and Elizabeth has had them all.

—Deborah Shook

Nothing is quite as compelling as following a good storyteller along their journey. Such is the case with Unlocking the Headache Mystery, as the author shares the knowledge, obtained ‘stone to stone across the morass,’ in her battle to free herself from debilitating headaches. Spurred forward by a desire to learn the causes, find cures, and get her life back, the author explored, probed, questioned and tried until she won. The result is a plethora of techniques which offer the reader a road map to physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

—Cheri Collins, Nuclear Energy Engineer and Speaker

I have been fortunate in life to not suffer from headaches, but this book gave me much more than headache management techniques. Yes, Unlocking the Headache Mystery provides ways to stop and prevent headaches, but it also provides ways to live life with a deeper understanding of our connection to the Earth and to one another. The writing is charming, clear, to-the-point, always empathetic. Elizabeth Phelps clearly knows what life is like with headaches, and she learned how to leave headaches behind. I am giving every friend who suffers with chronic headaches a copy of this book!

—Morgan Joseph Hamilton, PhD Student, Art Education

As a previous major TMJ headache sufferer, I unequivocally find this book to contain answers to solving headache pain. From substantiated basics to uncommon, rarely discussed factors, it is an unusual and trustworthy guide to personal growth and self-healing at the core level. Unlocking the Headache Mystery is a beautiful gift to anyone who reads it, even those who don’t have headaches.

—Michael Wheeler, Creative Director, EarthGuest Arts & Music

Elizabeth Phelps has masterfully detailed her long journey through a maze of experiences associated with headaches. She reveals to the reader a map of the many and varied cause and effect links that could take a lifetime of suffering to uncover, comprehend, and put into perspective to assist one with an exit route from unnecessary suffering. Loaded with detailed data accompanied with personal anecdotes, these pages will serve many in finding their way to freedom from debilitating headaches. I am singing praises to her dedication to this noble cause of documenting these deep insights into what is to many a puzzling and seemingly inescapable conundrum.

Vandorn Hinnant, Visionary Artist and Poet

“This author, Elizabeth Phelps, has become a special person in my life because she has brought an interesting, profound reflection on my headaches. I write with strong support because I am sure this work can help many lives. I cannot say enough about the help she has brought to me.”

— Alex Benevente